Trust Bar 19m/22m/24m/27m
Wakestyle / Freestyle / Freeride
Click bar 12-24m/20-22m/22-24m
Wakestyle / Freestyle / Freeride
Apex 13 Select 48/S 50/M 52/L 54/XL
Light and durable hardshell
Apex 8 46/XS 48/S 50/M 52/L 54/XL 56
Comfort and performance
Radar 46/XS 48/S 50/M 52/L 54/XL
Premium seat harness
Entity Combo S M L XL
Ergonomy, safety & comfort
Value and quality
Boot US5-6 US6,5 US7,5-8 US9 US10-10
bomb proof fit & comfort
Kite Vest 48/S 50/M 52/L 54/XL
Maximum protection & comfort
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