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We offer IKO & VDWS certified kitesurfing lessons, latest Duotone & ION full equipment rental, storage or station service. If you wnat something more than just riding and want to teach kitesurfing you can become a part of IKO instructors family. Join us at our AITC Course.


According to IKO rules we offer private lessons: (1 student / 1 instructor) and group lessons:

(2 students / 1 instructor). Price is for 1 student. When it's a group lesson, students get more time.


Introduction Lesson

1.5 hrs / 3.300 PHP per student (private)

2 hrs    / 3.300 PHP per student (group)

Based around fun first this intro maximizes hands on experience immediately. Fly kite with us and get access to IKO Level 2 Full Course.

Course description: basic skills in kite control.

IKO Level 2 full course

9 hrs   / 21.000 PHP (private)

12 hrs / 21.000 PHP (group)

First steps for beginners. Includes kite intro. You'll learn how to set up your kite and fly it in safe and fun action packed lessons. Step by step we'll teach you "The Works" to have you safe and independent. 

Gifted? If you are fast learner then you'll pay less based on the hours saved - or use them for advanced skills like upwind riding or 1st  jumps.

Almost like the boss but progress is a bit slow? Then ask for Full course Advanced option. A cheaper way to do more hours compared to others extension "advanced" programs.

Course description: kite set up, safety, kite control in air, water relaunching, initial body dragging, water start, first riding both directions.

Advanced 4 hrs course

4 hrs / 10.000 PHP (private)

The best option and a cheaper way to improve your kiteboarding skills.

Course description: improving your riding skills.

1:1 Private lesson

Refresh - revisit  your water starts, learn to ride upwind/jumping/tricks. IKO Level 3 +1:1 IKO refresher. Course description: We check your level, fix your mistakes or improve your riding skills.

1 hr / 2.500 PHP (private)


We offer hourly to weekly rates.

Rental includes changeable choice of all gear, shower, toilet and our beach boys will assist to you at any time​. An insurance for the kite gear is possible.


Complete set

1 hour - 1200 php

1/2 half day - 2500 php

1 day - 3500 php

1 week - 15000 php

Kite with Bar

1 hour - 800 php

1/2 half day - 1600 php

1 day - 2200 php

1 week - 11000 php


1 hour - 300 php

1/2 half day - 700 php

1 day - 1000 php

1 week - 5000 php


1 hour - 200

1/2 half day - 500 php

1 day - 800 php

1 week - 4000 php


Includes secured storage box for kites, boards, shower, compressor, locker for personal items, kite assistance, Wi-Fi and other  amenities. Free storage for our Resort guests.



500 php


2000 php


4500 php

Includes Shower, Compressor, Kite assistance, Wi-Fi and other amenities. 

Free service for our Resort guests.




300 php


1500 php


3500 php

AITC / ITC Courses

Start your IKO career with Assistant Instructor Training Course or Instructor Training Course


AITC Schedule

For details inquire here

11 Nov - 15 Nov

25 Nov - 29 Nov

09 Dec - 12 Dec

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

06 Jan - 10 Jan

20 Jan - 24 Jan

16 Dec - 20 Dec

Philippe Barcher

Philippe Barcher

Philippe Barcher

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Assistant Instructor

Philippe Barcher

Philippe Barcher

Philippe Barcher

ITC Schedule

26 Jan - 30 Jan

IKO Examinor

Xavier Roussos

01 Feb - 05 Feb

IKO Examinor

Xavier Roussos